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BERHALTER has an excellent innovation culture as well as long-standing customer relationships and a strong global market presence. That is why we unite our own innovation, production and training centers at our location in Widnau, Switzerland. With a unique sales and service network, we improve product availability, response time, and customer satisfaction. From people for people - innovative, reliable and smart.


In a globalised world shaped by technological change, the complexity of requirements is rapidly increasing due to new markets. As an innovation leader, BERHALTER offers the die-cutting solutions and key technologies for tomorrow's production. These include modern die-cutting systems, digital platforms and robotics for man-machine collaboration. Behind all these smart solutions are our BERHALTER employees. Connecting Ideas and People.
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  • Prok. Karl de Zordo, Head of Production, Vice President
    We have been working together successfully with Berhalter AG for over 35 years and this relationship has been characterized by reliability, high quality and flexibility. During this time many innovative projects were transformed from a common vision to reality and the products and technologies jointly developed have led to sustainable packaging solutions on the market.
    Prok. Karl de Zordo, Head of Production, Vice President
    Constantia Teich GmbH
  • Bruce Hoerr, General Manager - Die Cut Lidding
    As the North American leader in die cut lidding, Winpak has been proud to partner with Berhalter to supply our customers with innovative solutions that offer unique die cut lidding designs and features for challenging performance or marketing needs. Commitment to quality and innovation makes Berhalter stand out as a valued supplier. Their support and responsiveness makes them an ideal partner on new projects requiring cutting edge technology.
    Bruce Hoerr, General Manager - Die Cut Lidding
    Winpak Heat Seal Corporation
  • Sara García Moya, Directora proyectos
    Calvo can assure that it’s the best machine you can buy for lidding. It’s a good investmemt because you can take advantages of the machine from the beginning. It’s really efficient. By the way, if there’s any problem you are in touch with the technicians and the electricians by remote control and it’s very easy to solve everything by the screen. The attention from Berhalter people is fantastic and we’re very happy with our B350.
    Sara García Moya, Directora proyectos
    Calvo Envases GRUPO CALVO
  • Lieven Vuye, General Manager
    Berhalter has been a valued and reliable partner since the start of our company. The personification of the widely acclaimed Swiss precision. Highly technological, innovative and smart solutions ensure operator-friendly production without worries. Some operators dream of their machine!
    Lieven Vuye, General Manager
    Vuye Flexible Packaging



The history of BERHALTER begins in 1960 with Friedrich and Fritz Berhalter in Widnau, and BERHALTER AG is still in family ownership today in the third generation under Patrick Berhalter. BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting is an independent business division of BERHALTER AG and one of the leading providers of modern and intelligent die-cutting solutions. Our company stands for Swiss-made ideas and innovations. We are committed to ongoing investments and the development of high-quality technologies, products and services so that our customers can compete in their demanding markets.


As pioneers we continue to invest in our future - in people, knowledge and values, because our employees and their passion are the keys to success. Hence, we are a company with Swiss virtues and a long tradition, but at the same time, thanks to modern technologies and innovative business models, we determine the future trends in our industry. We are continuously improving our die-cutting solutions with far-sighted ideas and are aware of our responsibility with regard to the environment and sustainability. Even after more than 60 years, the pioneering spirit still drives us onwards.
  • 2023

    Launch of the Swiss Die-Cutter™ B4 as successor to the Swiss Die-Cutter™ B350.
  • 2020

    Digital IIoT Platform CUTcontrol™ - a digital service platform to capture
    Data Streams to increase the Productivity of Die-Cutting Systems.
    World's First Die Cutter™ B6 with unique
    Die-Cutting Technology, Intelligence and Performance.
  • 2019

    Latest BEAMstack™ Robot Geneation with innovative Paternoster System for easy changing of product sizes.
  • 2016

    LABEL-light™ Tool for Plastic and Paper Labels.
  • 2015

    LABEL-light™ - Revolutionary Tool Concept for IML.
  • 2014

    Second Generation of BEAMstack™ Robotic.
  • 2013

    Innovative Laser System - PRElaser™ for additional functions and perforation.
  • 2012

    World's First SMARTembosser™ for sealing rim-embossing.
  • 2011

    World's First automatic in-register reel changing system.
  • 2010

    Berhalter World | 50th anniversary with World's First:
    PRINTinspect™, WEBinspect™, WEBslitter™, BEAMstack™ and ACTIVstacker™
  • 2009

    New development of automatic punching machines with possibility for offset feeds.
    Swiss Die ECO™ cassette punching tools for smaller volumes.
  • 2008

    RFID technology for punching tools, networked tool database.
  • 2001

    Double Row Die-Cutting Tools for Pet Food Lids.
  • 1998

    New development of automatic punching presses with Soft PLC and touch panel.
  • 1991

    World's first servo-driven flatbed Die-Cutter with remote access for support and quick-change system for Die-Cutting Tools.
  • 1990

    Die-Cutting Tools for Plastic Lids and IML Applications.
  • 1984

    Double Row Die-Cutting Tools for Flat Lids
  • 1982

    Die-Cutting Tools for Pet Food Lids
  • 1975

    First High-Performance Die-Cutting Machine
  • 1963

    Start to manufacture Die-Cutting Tools
  • 1960

    Company foundation


BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting

Dalibor Schuman

Managing Director | Member of the Board

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Reto Frei

Senior Sales Manager

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Ivo Schmid

Senior Sales Manager

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Asia, Africa

Claudia Heeb

Manager Order Processing | Export/Import

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Emma Kellenberger

Order Processing and Export

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Tino Thür

Digital Marketing Manager | Sales Support

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Gregory Frei

Technical Head Machines and Punching Tools

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Matthias Hutter

Technical Head of Control Systems and Software

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BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting
A Division of BERHALTER AG
Lindenstrasse 120
CH-9443 Widnau, Switzerland

+41 (0) 71 727 02 00


BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting
A Division of BERHALTER AG
Lindenstrasse 120
CH-9443 Widnau, Switzerland

+41 (0) 71 727 02 00



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