The right die-cutting system for every job


We are one of the world's leading companies for state-of-the-art die-cutting solutions. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, we offer solutions that make more out of less – greater performance, more possibilities and more durability, with less resource consumption, fewer costs and less energy consumption.

Saving Material

Our die-cutting machines, die-cutting tools and services are individually aligned to the respective products and production conditions. Above all, it is sophisticated products such as packaging that must be processed precisely, efficiently and gently.We combine sustainability and performance to create added values.

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CUTnology™ Die-Cutting Systems Swiss Die Cutter™

Swiss Die-Cutter™ B350/B500

Our established high-performance die-cutting machine Swiss Die-Cutter™ B350 and B500 are distinguished by optimum flexibility for a wide range of applications. With up to 400 strokes per minute, these high-performance flatbed die-cutting systems are used for web widths up to 350 and 520 mm.
CUTnology™ Die-Cutting Systems Swiss Die Cutter™

Swiss Die-Cutter™ B6

With a web width of up to 600 mm, the new Berhalter Swiss Die-Cutter™ B6 makes its strongest statement in terms of technology and modernity. This model embodies the DNA of the Berhalter high-performance die-cutting machines at 500 strokes per minute. We define a new design language: innovative, dynamic and intelligent.
Customized Solution Swiss Die-Cutter BERHALTER swiss die-cutting

Customized Solution

Berhalter meets the challenges of the markets in close cooperation with its customers. We are more focused than ever on customer and production needs. Find the right die-cutting solution with our experience.
CUTnology™ Die-Cutting Systems Swiss Die Cutter™

Swiss Die™ - Die-Cutting Tools

High-precision and high-quality die-cutting tools for the highest demands, high productivity and flexible applications. Powerful cutting components with a long service life for increased efficiency as well as innovative tool solutions for demanding products harmonise perfectly with the die-cutting process.
CUTnology™ Die-Cutting Systems Swiss Die Cutter™

Embossing Systems

Embossed structures meet both functional and marketing requirements. Trendsetting embossing systems combine the best of both worlds: Embossing rollers and embossing plates for surface embossing as well as relief and seal edge embossing open up new possibilities for our customers for their products and packaging.

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