The right embossing system for every product


Embossed structures meet requirements for both functionality and marketing. Trendsetting embossing systems combine the best of both worlds: Embossing rollers and embossing plates for surface embossing as well as relief and seal edge embossing open up new possibilities for our customers for their products and packaging. The embossing systems can be changed over within a few minutes with a little effort and thus increase the flexibility in production.


Inline embossing systems are further economic advantages of a Berhalter Swiss Die-Cutter. Embossing or refining a surface structure makes for better separation and flatness properties. The surface embossing structure causes an air cushion to form between the individual die-cut lids so that they do not stick to one another during automatic destacking and separation of the lids from the stack on the filling machine. Shape your success.

7 Steps to the right Embossing.

Embossing Systems

Embossing with Embossing Rollers

Embossing units are directly integrated in the BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutter™ and can be easily changed within a few minutes using a special quick-change system. The worm embossing and the dot embossing are the most commonly used embossing structures. These two structures make up a large part of the embossed products in flexible packaging. However, there are many other embossing structures that are applied to a wide variety of materials. Customer-specific designs, images and embossing structures can also be embossed into the lid foil with BERHALTER embossing units.
SMARTembosser™ B6 BERHALTER Swiss Die-cutting

Embossing with SMARTembosser™

The SMARTembosser™ gives each lid a particularly high-quality appearance. This patented system is unique and offers fantastic possibilities for seal edge embossing, logo embossing and 2-step embossing of pre-die-cut lids. During seal edge embossing, only the edge of the seal is embossed; consequently, the lid appears even more brilliant and radiant. Logo embossing or 2-step embossing makes it possible to highlight a brand logo, symbols or a lettering in the lid despite the foil being unprinted. Quickly replaceable embossing plates allow for a wide variety of embossing structures. The SMARTembosser™ is the intelligent way to produce embossed lids.
Embossing Systems

Embossing with Die-Cutting Tool

This is another way to give the lid an extraordinary appearance. This process is suitable for the embossing of brand logos, symbols or lettering. An additional station in the die-cutting tool embosses and shapes the lid immediately before it is die-cut. Thanks to a particularly large tool area with our Swiss Die-Cutters, a maximum number of cavities can still be produced with the die-cutting tools despite the integrated embossing station. The advantage of this embossing technique is that the embossing of the logo and lettering can be particularly high. Just the right thing for a premium lid.