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Swiss Die-Cutter™ B4 live at the booth at Interpack Processing & Packaging, 4 - 10 May 2023, Düsseldorf, Germany, - Hall 11 / D80

Product launch in Düsseldorf. The Swiss Die-Cutter™ B4 will be presented live for the first time at the most important international event for the packaging industry and related process industries. And at no other trade fair does the packaging industry with all its so many different materials provide all industrial sectors with tailor-made solutions and innovative concepts. Interpack 2023

ProPak Asia June 14 - 17, 2023, Bangkok, Thailand - SWISS Pavilion of Switzerland Global Enterprise

ProPak Asia is the regional’s number one international trade event for food, drink & pharmaceutical processing & packaging technology. Together with Switzerland Global Enterprise, we are a part of the SWISS Pavilion. ProPak Asia 2023

LABELEXPO EUROPE 11 - 14 September 2023, Brussels, Belgium - Booth No. 5E41

Precision, knowledge, technology and collaboration are at the core of label and package printing success. This is exactly what you’ll find at Labelexpo Europe 2023 - the world’s leading industry event. LABELEXPO EUROPE BRUSSELS 2023


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BERHALTER Excellence Rankings 2022 Award

IN-FOCUS: BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting. A leading die-cutting technology company based in Widnau Switzerland ranked in our Product Launch category.

“BERHALTER is ranked in our Product Launch category this year off the back of the launch of the Swiss Die-Cutter™ B6 and the novel digital platform CUTcontrol™. Both demonstrate the firm’s commitment to incorporating new technology into its product lines and providing customers with more control and visibility over the manufacturing process.” PACKAGING GATEWAY Packaging Gateway Excellence Awards and Rankings 2022 - The Verdict

BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting Award

BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting is among the Top 10 Industrial IoT Solution Providers in Europe 2021. The annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Industrial IoT Solutions and impacting the industry.

Gaining more from less at a faster rate while maintaining quality standards will make businesses much more manageable. There has been a shift in global food and beverage brands’ approach where they are looking to decentralize their production to produce a higher number of different products in lower volumes. This calls for higher flexibility from the available machinery and equipment. On the other hand, the packaging volume is increasing because the packaging size is getting smaller. Hence, the demand for machines with ultimate precision for high volumes is gaining traction. In this race to gain an advantage over the competition by achieving more from less, businesses are looking for help from experienced companies like Berhalter that have a proven record of delivering high levels of business impact through their innovative die-cutting offerings. MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY INSIGHTS - For a Smarter and Optimized Die-cutting

Video interview with Dalibor Schuman, managing director at BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting

Video interview with Dalibor Schuman, managing director at BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting on packaginginsights.com

Dalibor Schuman, managing director at BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting, outlines the Swiss die-cutting specialist's most advanced machine to date - the B6 - which combines the latest technology, intelligence and performance. Schuman also discusses Berhalter's CUTcontrol™ IIoT platform for predictive and preventive maintenance and use of robotics, and ponders the future of die-cutting solutions. Packaging Insights

BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting im SRF ECO Digitalisierung CUTcontrol™

CUTcontrol™, the IIoT digital service platform by BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting in the business magazine ECO from SRF - Swiss Television. Digitalization - New income for SMEs, the construction industry has to rethink

SMEs equip their machines with sensors and can therefore monitor them continuously. A service for customers that brings new income. The price war is troubling Swiss SMEs; in global competition there are always competitors in other countries who produce more cheaply. Now the first companies are rethinking, and digitization is helping them: They are equipping their machines with sensors which means they can monitor them continuously - and sell customers new digital services on a subscription basis. This leads to new earnings that bring even higher margins. In addition, live in the «ECO» studio, CEO of Microsoft Switzerland, Marianne Janik.

Market launch - Swiss Die-Cutter™ B6 High-Performance Die-Cutting Machine

With the Swiss Die-Cutter™ B6 die-cutting system, we are bringing a new generation of machines with world-firsts onto the market. As a successor to the B600, the Berhalter Swiss Die-Cutter™ B6 makes its strongest statement yet in terms of technology, intelligence and performance. The currently most powerful and innovative high-performance die-cutting machines define a new design language: innovative, dynamic and intelligent. With the future-oriented design and the fully digital punch drive, a unique accessibility to the die-cutting substrate is possible.

Next Generation Ahead - BEAMstack™ automated packaging systems and robotics

Everybody's talking about Industry 4.0. With the latest generation of our BEAMstack™ Packaging Robot we have created an automated packaging system that impressively combines the increasing requirements for productivity as well as ever increasing hygienic standards. Since 2010, we have been using robotics to separate the die-cut stacks to the desired number of pieces and to automatically package them into a plastic blister or a cardboard box. Man thinks, machine steers.

IIoT Platform - CUTcontrol™ Intelligent Support System for Die-Cutting Data Analysis

Our revolutionary IIoT Platform CUTcontrol™ serves as a benchmark of die-cutting systems for productivity and efficiency. The web-based software assumes the role of support system and uses diagnostic tools for data analysis. The data streams come from machines, options and die-cutting tools and can easily be converted into valuable information using dashboards. CUTcontrol™ offers all functions required for checking the machine and tool condition: from error detection, error handling and messaging through to spare parts management.


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