INNOVATION by die-cutting

Upgrade your System

Added Value

With our INNOVATION by die-cutting you can create added value for your products. Expand your die-cutting machine and increase quality, efficiency and productivity. The modular Berhalter die-cutting system is easily expandable to give you a competitive advantage, quickly and easily. Operate smart production thanks to our innovative modular system. We build intelligent and inspiring solutions for your success.


Maximum individuality with the INNOVATION by die-cutting. Manufacture exceptional products through the use of our high-tech components. Together with you, we develop innovative products so that you can respond to the individual requirements of your customers. Give your products added value or a special look that stands out from the crowd.We offer uniqueness through technical advantage..

Driven by Innovation. Worldwide.

INNOVATION by die-cutting


Know-how coupled with innovation and dynamics. In the BEAMstack™ we have a robotic system for the automatic counting and packing of the die-cut products. Sophisticated sensors and optics ensure trouble-free operation and allow a significant increase in productivity while reducing operating costs.
SMARTembosser™ B6 BERHALTER Swiss Die-cutting


The first impression counts. The SMARTembosser™ gives the standard lids a new shine. The product shines in a new light thanks to seal edge embossing of the lids. Additional logo embossing or 2-step embossing underline the individuality and help the products to receive more attention and gain greater exclusiveness.
INNOVATION by die-cutting


Bring together what belongs together. The fully automatic, print-mark-controlled end-to-end reel changer enables significantly higher productivity due to the elimination of downtimes when changing reels. The planned reel change not only allows more time for additional quality controls, but also for packaging the die-cut products.
INNOVATION by die-cutting


To avoid standstills. The WEBslitter™ is a very helpful accessory in combination with a die-cutting waste extraction system. It is automatically activated once non-die-cut material passes through the punching tool. The WEBslitter™ cuts non-die-cut material into narrow strips to allow the extraction system to process without any problems. All this is done fully automatically and without machine downtime – because standstills cost money.
INNOVATION by die-cutting


We see everything. Our compact print inspection systems see everything and guarantee a 100% printed image inspection. The intelligent camera system allows both 100% detection of printing errors and the greatest possible utilization of the printed material. The simple and intuitive operation also enables short set-up times and quick job changes.
INNOVATION by die-cutting


Anything but superficial. The compact surface and hole detection system can be used either for inspection of the material surface or for hole detection. The high-resolution camera in combination with the sophisticated software does not miss an error. The simple and intuitive operation also enables short set-up times and quick job changes.
INNOVATION by die-cutting


For that certain extra something. The Berhalter PRElaser™ technology can be used in various plastic or paper applications. However, the main area of application is perforations for multipack containers in order to ensure a clean separation. Of course, also applications for additional functions such as contour cuts for drinking openings or grooves for folding lines. are simply feasible, though. By moving these functions from the tool area to a PRElaser™ Station, the output of the die-cut blanks can also be doubled.
INNOVATION by die-cutting

Swiss Die LABEL-light™

Quality at a low price. The patented die-cutting tool technology of the LABEL-light die-cutting tools combines the best of both worlds. The affordable cutting components of the flexible die-cutting tools as well as the superior handling of the flatbed die-cutting tools. The LABEL-light™ die-cutting tool technology has been specially developed for die-cutting plastic or other non-cold deformable materials.