Automated Packaging Systems and Robotics

Maximum Productivity

BEAMstack™ stands for Intelligent Packaging Robotics. Since 2010, we have been using robotics to separate the die-cut stacks to the desired number of pieces and to automatically package them into a plastic blister or a cardboard box. Robotic technology for automation is used to increase productivity as well as to reduce production costs. There are ever increasing requirements for hygienic standards in the food and packaging industry. Our BEAMstack™ technology helps to improve the protection of the product against contamination by the packer. Competitiveness through automation.

Scalable Solutions

BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting is the Future of Innovative Automation and Packaging Solutions. The demand for automation is driven by the need for more performance, efficiency and sustainability. This applies to high-wage countries that need to ensure their competitiveness through increased automation, but also to emerging markets, which rely on robots in production due to difficult-to-plan staff turnover. Our modern automation concepts impress with a high degree of modularity and flexibility. The future therefore belongs to the symbiosis of human creativity and technological intelligence..

The Future of Every Company lies in Automation.


Further Intelligent Packaging Systems


Intelligent and user-friendly packaging solutions increase productivity. Here you will find simple and at the same time efficiency-enhancing packaging solutions in exactly the design you need for your production. This is made possible by our modular system with high-tech components, which can be tailored to your individual requirements.


Primary packaging in particular must meet the high requirements for cleanliness and hygiene. Always the ideal stacking channel with the right packing aid for optimum handling of the die-cut stacks. From standard stacking channels to individual packaging solutions, choose the right level of efficiency for your production.

Standard Stacking Channel

The stacking channel is used to guide the die-cut blanks out of the die-cutting tool and to make it easy for the operator to remove them. Perfectly matched to the geometry, high-precision guides guarantee optimum smooth running for every single cavity. The brake pressure is manually adjustable. This standard stacking channel is included as a basis with each die-cutting tool.


The name says it all here. Ergonomically designed packaging systems optimise the operator's workflows and immediately increase the efficiency of the die-cutting system. The brake pressure is controlled by adjustable magnetic brakes. Intelligent packaging aids increase productivity, especially with double-row die-cutting tools or heavy stacks. Pack the die-cut blanks directly from the stacking channel into the packaging.


With the highly innovative ACTIVstacker™, the brake pressure is controlled fully automatically by servo motors, specific to each cavity. This ensures perfect brake pressure regardless of the stack length. This prevents the stacks from tipping over and the die-cut blanks from falling back into the die-cutting area. Avoid dents due to fallen stacks as well as miss cuts.


We support you in identifying your die-cutting potentials and developing individual bespoke packaging solutions. The perfect interaction between the die-cutting product and the operator as well as an optimum integration ensure a seamless integration into the die-cutting systems. increase efficiency and avoid waste.