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Swiss Die ECO™

Be Different

Many individual and exclusive products are only produced in small or very small production runs. Tool costs and quick tool changes play an essential role in this. A tool frame allows a quick and easy change of the Swiss Die ECO™ die-cutting tools and an ideal interaction with the die-cutting machine.

Be Economic

Our unique Swiss Die ECO™ die-cutting tool concept focuses on the entire life cycle of a die-cutting product. Market validations and qualification runs must take place under production conditions, but with a limited tool budget. This is exactly what we developed our Swiss Die ECO™ for.

Where are the die-cutting tools used?

Swiss Die ECO™

Added Values

Swiss Die ECO™

We make it ECONOMIC.

Swiss Die ECO™ BERHALTER Swiss Die-Cutting

Swiss Die ECO™ - Die-Cutting Tool

High-value die-cutting tools for small to medium production volumes or qualification runs. Uniform tool frame, which is suitable for all types of die-cutting tools. Uncompromising die-cutting precision in the µ-range combined with low tool prices. Usable for Swiss Die PRO™ as well as Swiss Die LABEL-light™ die-cutting tools.
for flat lids and labels
for recessed lids or special applications
for lids and labels with perforation

Die-Cutting Tool Variations

Swiss Die ECO™


Swiss Die ECO™


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