Swiss Die LABEL-light™

Cost Optimisation

The BERHALTER LABEL-light™ die-cutting tool is a patented tool concept that combines the advantages of flatbed die-cutting, such as the print to cut centering and perfect handling properties, with the advantages of affordable tool costs. This LABEL-light™ die-cutting tool concept has been specially developed for the cost-optimised production of minimal to medium production volumes.

Size Adjustment

LABEL-light™ die-cutting tools are up to 70% less in cost compared to conventional and traditional punch/die die-cutting tools and even allow a size correction of up to 2 mm. In addition, a LABEL-light™ tool does not need to be re-ground. The cutting components can easily be replaced by the operator so that production can continue immediately.

Where are the Die-Cutting Tools used?

Swiss Die LABEL-light™

Added Values

Swiss Die LABEL-light™

High tech on a low budget.

Swiss Die LABEL-light™

Swiss Die LABEL-light™ - Die-Cutting Tool

High-quality die-cutting tools with interchangeable cutting components for minimal to medium production volumes. No regrinding required, the cutting components are replaced by the operator so that production can continue immediately. Suitable for processing flexible materials and simple geometries as well as corner radii R of 0 mm. Adjustable cutting components for flexible size adjustment up to 2 mm.

Die-Cutting Tool Varaiations

Swiss Die LABEL-light™


Swiss Die LABEL-light™


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